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The Business Plan Writing Process

WHEN WRITING YOUR BUSINESS PLAN, we begin with a 45-minute phone call to discuss your revenue model. We then create customized working papers tailored for your business which form the basis for generating the financial projections. We work directly with you developing the financial assumptions and performing a number of iterations until we are certain the numbers are believable, achievable and slightly skewed to err on the conservative side. We generally prepare financial projections by month for the first twelve months, and by year for the four years thereafter.
WHEN WORKING WITH THE BUSINESS PLAN STORE, you will enjoy significant business consultation. We cannot help ourselves! We have years of experience in the business world. We share our knowledge and experience with you because we want you to succeed. We provide insights into what has worked best for our clients and pinpoint potential trouble spots to establish the best possible presentation for your financial information.

ONCE THE NUMBERS START TO "GEL," we begin development of the business plan narrative. We meet by telephone to discuss your business vision, products and services, target market, who your competition is, and how you will distinguish your business from, and best your competition. We will discuss how you will hire, manage and train personnel, how your background will play into the business, and every other aspect that is important to understanding your vision for your business and how the numbers in your financial projections will be achieved.

WE DO EXTENSIVE RESEARCH and look at the industry to create the unique niche to make your business plan compelling in the eyes of investors.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT WHAT WE CAN DO to turn your business vision into a powerfully written, investor-ready business plan, call us, we know how to do it!
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